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Born in Cobram, Victoria, Paddy lived in Wangaratta, in the North East of Victoria, until he ventured off to University in Melbourne.  Dux of his school, he has gone on to complete MB BS, BMedSc, MS, MMedSc, MD, PhD, FRACS, and is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, the Australian Institute of company Directors and the College of Medication Administrators.

His training in Medicine, Surgery and Paediatric Urology have seen him employed in Melbourne, Dunedin, Dublin, London and the USA.  Returning to Australia, he initially took up a position in Adelaide, both as a clinician and researcher in Paediatric Urology. His has renamed congenital urethral obstruction (COPUM), developed new approaches to the management of anorectal anomalies, especially the megarectum(Rectal Ectasia), and has written a number of landmark papers on the use of plastics in medicine and bladder enlargement without the bowel lining (Augmentation). In developing countries, he has assisted with the surgical care of thousands of children, particularly those with anorectal anomalies (Anal Deformity) and bladder exstrophy  (Exstrophy), lessons that have facilitated improved care in other countries.  Professor Dewan has published over 200 paper in scientific and other journals and books (Publications).

Paddy has a particular interest in valid reflection on clinical care, rather than just an audit process. 

In 1996 Paddy moved back to Melbourne. However, in August 2003, his position at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne was terminated, after a review of his concerns about 26 cases and complaints about harassment, such as the unexplained reduction of remuneration and verbal threats. The two Hospital Board members assisgned to review the concerns had neither appropriate medical, nor workplace relations skills.  Subsequent referrals more than 90 cases to the Victorian Medical  Board by parents has not resulted in any formal hearings, but a referral of a case to the medical board resulted in a formal hearing against Professor Dewan, concluding in December, about which Professor Dewan has lodged a forthright appeal to VCAT, the first week of which was October 2010, with further hearing dates in February 2011.

"The case" was referred to the Medical Board of Victoria, by an administrator from the Western Network in the West of Melbourne, following a letter received from Dr Michael Harari, a Paediatrician, who had not examined the children prior to declaring irretrievable harm - which has not occurred.  Under oath, the parents of the boy did accept that they had been shown material on a laptop, accepted they had been drawn pictures on a whiteboard, but delared that I had not told them anything. I am concerned about the anxiety the process has caused the parents, but they have misrepresented the truth. They even denied being at a review that there is written proof of.  Some of their recent evidence contradicts their previous statements. Further statements will be made about the Paediatric Surgical expert witness after the VCAT appeal is concluded - but they will neither be not be positive; likewise for Council "assisting" the Medical Board. The paper discussing the topic of megarectum will enlighten all Rectal Ectasia.  Ridiculously a VCAT panel member has suggested Dr Harari is a whistleblower - one false claim of harm and inappropriate assertion of surgery should not be performed is the action of an individual adding to the vilification of a whistleblower.

The Western Network in a synical move, used the Harari letter to justify suspension of the Paediatric Surgical roster, resulting in nearly 80 patients per 6 months being transfered from the Western suburbs, Sunshine Hospital, to the Royal Children's from April 2006.  Not surprisingly, the organisation ended Professor Dewan contract in early 2009, but not before a "Peer Review" with terms of reference that failed to look at the Professor Dewan complaints of harassment by administrative staff, which were late cancellation of leave, unreasonable restrictions, verbal abuse and denial of access to staff and equipment.  These matters were discussed in a Legislative Council written submission, presentation and at the time of interview by the committee. 

Professor Dewan is aware that thinking people easily understand the system dysfunction he has attempted to help resolve. Letters of support can be forwarded to PO Box 152, Parkville, 3052.

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