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Hypospadias is a congenital malformation of the penis that occurs in one in 300 newborn males, consisting of a combination of chordee, a hooded prepuce, urethral atresia, glans deformity, penile torsion and inguinoscrotal anomalies.  The effect  on the appearance and function of the penis will depend on the degree of each of  the component parts of the defect.

Chordee is the bend of the penis in a ventral or downward direction, and is the principle problem that needs to be resolved by surgery. The penis may be straight, or sufficiently bent to have the appearance of a clitoris.  The component parts of the bending are a lack of skin and urethral length and fibrosis

A hooded prepuce is the foreskin not being fused on the undersurface to a variable degree. The foreskin may be normal in size and therefore be able to be reconstructed, or it my rarely appear to be normal with an abnormal glans penis beneath.

Penile torsion,  the twist of the penis, may be an isolated problem, and is not always part of the hypospadias affected penis. The correction is part of the surgery for amelioration of the other parts of the hypospadias spectrum, and involved the rolling down of the skin and suturing it to the normally positioned shaft of the penis.

A webbed penis can occur with hypospadias, consisting of the skin of the underside of a more normally appearing penis being incorporated with the skin of the scrotum.  The skin of the underside of the penis is missing in the more severe forms of hypospadias.
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