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Kosova and Albania

Paddy, Padma Rao and Colin Gordon went to the Balkans from 10th to 22nd April 2011, on a visit that reviewed 26 children and performed 67 hours of surgery on 18 of the more complex cases seen.

As always the principle focus was on the education of the medical and nursing staff, expecting that the need for further visits will be reduced over time.

The trip was support by the Melbourne Albanian community and the Ministries and hospitals in each of the countries.


Paddy and Mclee Mathew, a surgeon from PNG, arrived in Mauritius on the 29th September are arrived back in Melbourne on 10th October 2010.

This, the 11th trip to the Island Nation that now involves assisting the newly appointed Paediatric Surgeon and his team with complex cases.  

The Kind cuts for Kids Foundation is now handing over to the local team, having operated on over 350 children, conducted more than 1700 consultations that have resulted in more than 500 surgical episodes.  Many children have had complex pathology cured, lives have been saved and, more importantly, the medical and general community are much more equiped to identify and treat Paediatric Surgical conditions.  During two (long) days of outpatient clinics 133 patients seen either for the first time by the team, or for reviewed, assisted by a team of 13 local resident staff.

The Ministry of Health and the Society for Aid to Children  Inoperable in Mauritius have been of great assistance to the teaching program that has transformed the profile of care for children with surgical problems for families in Mauritius.

The next phase will be to ensure the sustainability of the Paediatric Surgical services, anticipating to develop a centre of excellence for the region.


In mid 2010, Paddy left for Bangladesh, his 10th visit to Bangladesh, one od dozens of visits to a developing country. He was hosted by Professor Safiqul Hogue of the BSMMU Teaching Hospital, Department of Paediatric Surgery.  Ward rounds, outpatients and surgery occurred at BSMMU and the Dhaka Medical College Hospital, working with several junior and senior medical staff in each institution.  Monday 27th July involved a 5 hour operation that converted a useless pelvic kidney into part of a normal sized bladder that was previously unable to store urine.  

Paddy consulted on 36 patients, 26 of whom had the complex condition of bladder exstrophy.  18 patients had 48 operations, 14 requring surgical care for their bladder exstrophy (which is a condition that results in the bladder opening directly onto the skin.

The program of surgical teaching in Bangladesh has now included assisting with the care of
391 patients, 182 of whom have had an operation.
Most of Paddy's visits have been under the banner of the Kind cuts for Kids Foundation.  During these trips he has operated on more than 2000 children and has assisted in developing the services in the countries he visits. Read more of the organisation set up to encourage others to participate - 

Papua New Guinea
Sri Lanka

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